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Tax refund for tourist

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bottone tax refund

logo tax refund RUENTES VIAGGI offers this service to guests and non-EU tourists, purchasing in our country.
(Servizio che la RUENTES VIAGGI svolge, per gli ospiti e i turisti extra comunitari, che eseguono acquisti nel nostro paese.)


You are eligible for the Tax Refund Service if:

•you are domiciled or resident outside the E.U.
•you make your purchases in an Italian store and spend at least €154,94 on the same day
•you show your purchases at the Customs’ Officer and obtain the Customs’ Stamp on your Tax Refund yellow form upon departure from the last E.U. country you have visited within the end of the third month following the month of purchase (i.e. if you shop on January 15th, you must obtain the Customs’ Stamp by April 30th). If you leave by plane, you must go to Customs before check-in bringing the merchandise you have purchased and your yellow Tax Refund Form with you
•you mail back your Form, duly stamped by Customs, to Tax Refund as soon as possible


As soon as you have made your purchase, you can cash your Tax Refund immediately in all major city centers: bring your Tax Refund Yellow Form with your Passport and Credit Card to our Travel Bureau - RUENTES VIAGGI

Ask for the Tax Refund Yellow form

in every store where you go shopping.
Cash Your Refund

1. Immediately in our offices in town.
2. On Departure in all major Italian and European Airports.
On Departure Go to Customs before Check-In

1. Obtain the Custom's Stamp on Your Form.
2. Hand your Form to our Office or mail it only in our envelope.

You can find us in:

RUENTES VIAGGi Assereto 1a Rapallo (GE) Tel. 018551306 Fax 0185230262

We are open from Mon to Fri from 09 A.M to 01 P.M. and from 03 P.M. to 07 P.M. and Sat from 09 A.M. to 01 P.M.

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